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"The word 'impossible' is my enemy. The word 'difficult,' my friend."


Don't be fooled by the doe eyes and amicable demeanor. Liana George is anything but soft and anything but the expected. She is a loner at heart. Your secret keeper; the web developer by day, lauded underground hacker by night. The bubbly barista with an assassin side-gig. The down-to-earth best friend or girlfriend with a dark past. Her smile is always just the tip of the iceberg.

Liana is excited to be cast as lead in the upcoming film 'Cupid,' written and directed by Luke Bennett, and lead in 'Salt + Sugar,' an upcoming series written and directed by Alexsa Tolentino. Queens-born to Guyanese parents, a first-generation American, and having been raised between the differing cultures of New York and Georgia, she is well-acquainted with the idea of character change and difference, and brings passion, authenticity, and understanding to each of her roles.

She has lived entrenched in the film and television industry since having graduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts Kanbar Institute with a BFA in film and television. Her past work is comprised of roles in a myriad of films including 'The Island,' directed by Aimee Schaefer and produced by Spike Lee. Liana is currently studying with the renowned instructor, Anthony Abeson.

When she is not acting, she is working as one of few female 52 union-permit set electrics, an indie gaffer, lighting designer, photographer, and web developer. She enjoys plucking at her electric guitars and wandering the halls of the MET Museum in her free time.



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