"The word 'impossible' is an enemy, the word 'difficult' a friend."

This is the mantra Liana lives by. Her tenacity, heart, realist attitude, quirky spirit leaks into all she does.

As an actress Liana's roles tend to demand passion, ranging from revolutionary computer hackers, vengeful druglords, determined young mothers, to jaded futuristic business CEOs! She is an alumni of NYU Tisch Kanbar Institute of Film & TV, and has worked hard to become one of few women lamp operators & gaffers in the industry.

When not taking part in the on-set fray, she treasures her alone time. You can often find her roaming the halls of the MET Museum, picking at her electric guitar, writing spec fiction, playing video games, or lifting super heavy barbells over her head.

Location: NYC



Spirited hacker & vigilante group leader
Mellow & cunning drug boss
Tormented futuristic business CEO
Desperate but determined young mother
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