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Liana is a truth-seeker. As your villain she accepts the truth though she may hate it. As your hero, she never denies the truth though she may not speak it. She is your brilliant, misfit loner who studies others from a distance. Your tough-as-nails, calculating, reluctant hero with heart who avoids making friends in order to avoid having to lose them. Your sarcastic, savvy neighbor who, without a single word, always finds a way to express what everyone else is thinking!

Liana is a graduate of NYU Tisch Kanbar Institute with a BFA in film & television. An eternal student, she lives her life ever-curious, hungry to learn and to grow.

When she is not acting, she is working as a set electric, lighting designer, and photographer. In her free time she enjoys working out, honing her motorcycling skills, rewriting all of her private spec fiction, and wandering the halls of the MET Museum (her favourite place in the city).

Liana is represented by Steinberg Talent Management.



Reel & Clips

Savvy Bartender

High Achieving Detective

Practical Friend with a Dark Past

Down-to-Earth, Honest Colleague

Self-confident Love Interest

Offbeat but Brilliant Assassin

Distressed Heroine

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